About Us

Killure Miniature Belted Galloway Stud is located 8km from Armidale in the NSW Northern Tablelands. The owners of the Stud, Lindsay and Sally Mulligan, are committed to breeding quality miniature black belted Galloways (Mini Belties).  Killure Mini Belties are all fullblood and registered with the Australian Galloway Association (AGA).

Sale cattle are primarily intended as breeding stock for other breeders, although there are many other uses for Mini Belties such as cattle for smaller acreage properties, lawnmowers, pets etc.


Killure Mini Belties commenced with the careful selection and subsequent purchase of a bull and 20 heifers from the Glenblairie Miniature Belted Galloway herd. Glenblairie Stud owners, Arie and Erica Eyles, kindly allowed the Killure principals to select cattle conforming to the demanding criteria required at Killure. Subsequent purchases from Glenblairie and Dragon Bridge positioned Killure Mini Belties as one of the larger Miniature Belted Galloway studs in Australia.  However, the severe drought in 2019 forced us to greatly reduce our herd.


It is important not to mistake Mini Belties for crossbred cattle. The white belt is a dominant trait and will often be prominent in cattle that are crossbred. 


Killure Miniature Belted Galloway Stud is a member of the Australian Galloway Association (AGA) and the Australian Belted Galloway Association (ABGA). Details of individual cattle owned by Killure can be found on the AGA website. 

Inspections of Killure Mini Belties are most welcome.