Our Cattle

See below for a sample of Killure Mini Belties. These cattle are not for sale. Sale cattle are shown under the "CATTLE FOR SALE" page. 


Only fullblood, miniature black belted Galloways are owned and bred at Killure. These cattle are primarily intended as breeding stock for other breeders and for the showring. However, Mini Belties are ideally suited as cattle for smaller acreage properties, lawnmowers, pets etc.


Conformation and temperament of cattle form key selection criteria at Killure. Only well shaped and easily managed cattle are kept. Belts are considered important and must comply with the requirements of the breed societies. Only cattle that fully conform to these standards are kept on the property.  


The average height of 2 to 3 year old female Mini Belties at Killure is 112cm and the average weight of this age group is 345kg. The average height of the 1 to 2 year old females is 105cm and the average weight of this age group is 275kg. 





ID No.   AJE K02

D.O.B.  15 September 2014

Dam:     Glenblairie Icon 09

Sire:      Glenblairie Disperser

Height:  106cm


mini KELLY

ID No.   AJE K09

D.O.B.  18 November 2014

Dam:     Glenblairie Sarah 09

Sire:      Glenblairie Disperser

Height:  105cm

mini JADE

ID No.   AJE J15

D.O.B.   8 September 2013

Dam:     Glenblairie Pet 09

Sire:      Glenblairie Anderson

Height:  107cm


ID No.   LSM M01

D.O.B.   22 January 2016

Dam:    Glenblairie Mini Jet 

Height:  63cm (1 day old)


ID No.   AJE J30 & AJE J4 

D.O.B.  12/10/2013 & 17/09/2013    Dam:     Glenblairie Iconet 05 &

             Glenblairie Sarah 09 

Sire:      Glenblairie Disperser (both)

Heights: 114 cm & 110cm